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Tech4Governance (T4G)

is a platform to bring all stakeholders passionate about promoting good governance (citizen engagement, transparency & accountability) and techies in the same room to discuss and reflect on different ways technology can be used as a tool to facilitate the governance process.

Code4Citizens (C4C)

is an acceleration program aiming at nurturing ideas (projects) related to tech for governance. The acceleration program is receiving individuals with ideas, prototypes or MVP looking to scale their ideas into Civic Tech Startups.

Grassroots Citizen Engagement (GCE)

is aimed at bridging the gap between the community and the LGAs. The aim is to develop participatory processes around planning and budgeting by analysing innovative (technology) solutions that can be used to encourage citizen engagement in the LGAs decision making process.

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Our Focus

Good governance is often expressed through factors such as reliability, accountability, transparency, predictability, responsibility, responsiveness – to the needs of the people.

Efforts made by Hatua Project initiative in partnership with Hivos, Making All voices Count, Sahara Sparks and Buni Hub to promote a three phase; T4G, C4C and GCE project is aimed at supporting the government efforts in taking the most effective steps in the approach to strengthening good governance with the application of technological solutions targeting Tanzanian citizens from diverse communities are more relevant and needed today.


Part of Code For Citizen (Click to view)

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Fedha Zetu (Upcoming)

A platform which provides detailed information to citizens on how to access development funds released by the central government to the LGAs targeting people at the bottom of the pyramid.

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Polisi Yetu (Upcoming)

Web App providing details about necessary documents that can be accessed from the police stations and basic (foundation) laws and penalties to common issues affecting the citizens so that citizens can know their rights and responsibilities.

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Katiba App (Upcoming)

Web App with information about the Tanzanian constitution. It is more than just a pdf book. It shows key areas of interest and encourage interactivity.


Moved by passion & greatness

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Basil Malaki

Project Manager

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Mujuni Baitani

Maoni App - DevOps Manager

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Neman Karan

Smart Mtaa - DevOps Manager

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Vanessa Kisowile

Communications Lead

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Mrisho Habibu

Kodi Yangu - DevOps Manager


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